The classic Batman logo with a running skyline. The perfect birthday cake for any Batman fan 🙂

Champagne and Strawberries

Champagne and strawberries…the perfect celebration combination. It’s as if the bottle of champagne has quite literally popped out of the birthday cake. Finished off with some fizzy bubbles cascading down the bottle and a few fondant strawberries scattered over the cake 🙂    

Golfing Triumph

Ever wondered what it would look like if you cut out a piece of golf course?…Well here we are…and what’s even better is, it’s all edible 😉 The layers that you see on the outside are carried through the cake. What makes it even more decadent is the golf ball…no it’s not cake, no it’s … More Golfing Triumph

Gyarados Pokemon Cake

The perfect birthday cake for a Pokemon fan! This cake has Gyarados rearing his head out of the water and making a splash! Finished with a birthday personalisation in Pokemon font and of course you can’t forget to add at least one Pokeball 😉 *This cake was also Lactose free.